The Pork Chop

Keeping Crestview Residences and Pedestrians Safe

Our Council Member for District 7, Leslie Pool is supporting our effort to keep Crestview a safe place for our Neighbors, both young and old, to walk, cycle, and cross.  Unfortunately, her support is not enough on its own to keep our streets safe.  Other Council Members are adopting a new City approach to traffic flow which will open up inner neighborhood streets to much greater traffic volumes, effectively making residential streets into 'Collector' level routes.

What is needed is "boots on the ground".  People, and people in numbers has always been the only way to protect our right to a safe place to live. The removal of the pork chop is a neighborhood wide issue, and our only hope of stopping it is if we work together and make our voices heard.

Please plan on attending the next CNA meeting on June 13th to learn more about this pressing issue and how you can get involved.

What else can you do?  Send an email to

We are creating a quick and easy function on this site which, with a click or two will allow you to send an email to all Council Members making them aware of your concerns about removing the pork chop. Large numbers of such emails cannot be ignored by Council Members and this is our best hope of preventing the pork chop from being removed.